Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Granny's 80th!

Happy 80th birthday Virginia McConnell. It was a grand ol' time up in Oklahoma with uncle's, aunts, and cousins. I was told it was a surprise party, but I'm of the opinion that Granny knew about this party beforehand. There were plenty of surprises though. Granny had no idea that certain people were going to be present, and when she saw them, her face lit up like a child during Christmas. 

While we were there on the farm, why not learn to drive a tractor? Growing up in the city, I didn't have have ample opportunities to ride a tractor, let alone DRIVE one. A big thanks to my Dad, who grew up on this farm, who took the time to teach me. Heather Maddox, I was thinking of you the whole time, LOL!

 Kenny and L both enjoyed  sitting on the tractor with Papa. The only difference was, when the tractor began to move, Kenny LOVED it, and L just started screaming and crying. In my "Parent mode," I did not get a picture of her crying, I just moved swiftly to help her get down off the "scary tractor."

I'm not 100% sure what Kristy was doing, but here's a picture of it.

Over all it was a great time, filled with many memories, and some new familial connections. To our family in California, it was wonderful seeing y'all, and we greatly anticipate the opportunity to see you again.

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