Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taking family pictures was so much fun. The end product is only a part of it. The crying, the fussing, the whining, the rolling on the ground...good times.

For some reason Eliana was feeling extra fussy and super needy, and of course we got a picture of that too, LOL.

Kenny tried to comfort her, but he was way out of his league. Eventually we got the picture to work, I think I'll post the video of it as well.

We thought it would be cute as well to get the kids standing on the bench, and we were right. Kenny's picture turned out wonderful, and L's picture turned out very humorous. She has this thing with heights...If I had to title her picture, it would be, "Trepidation."


This is probably my favorite grin. He only breaks it out for picture time.

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