Friday, March 5, 2010

Christmas! Christmas? Christmas

Some of y'all have been wondering how our Christmas went, and it's my fault you have not heard our story, my apologies for this. Out of 682 pictures, I'm going to try and sum it up with 28. It's not that it is easy to sum it up in so few pictures, it's just that I am that good.

We had to make a connecting flight in Vegas...and we think Kenny might have a gambling problem.
All that flying tends to make you so tired, that you'll sleep just about anywhere.
Shortly after arriving in Utah we hooked up with Santa!
Everyone had a chance to sit on Santa's lap, from the 6'7" giant to the tiniest of tots.
Some of us enjoyed Santa's company more than others.
We got together with the McConnell's for a rigged gift exchange.
We saw cute cousins
...who proceeded to eat my phone, wallet, and Garmin

Then we were off to go see GG!
 At which point David jumped out of a BIG box to surprise her.
Temple Square at night...
Skiing only with the dedicated.
Mom teaching Kenny how to make snowballs.

Kenny and I barreling down the 210ft Hill of Death, at a roaring 23 mph!

To ring in the new year we always shoot shoot off the shotgun.
I know what you're thinking, and no we did not beat up Grandma during game night.
Our classic Giant, Little Giant picture which we do all the time.
As always we owe a big debt of thanks to the Parker family for always taking us under their wing. We are so grateful for what y'all do.

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