Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogging again

After having not had one entry for about 3 months, there are lots of events to catch up on. With an effort to keep this entry short (you don't want to read a huge entry, and I don't want to write one), here we go.

On July the 11th "L" had her baby blessing. The baby outfit she wore was the same one that Kimberly wore as an infant.We have had fun playing with the littlest member of our family.
While never neglecting the other one.
Kenny got in on some baking action, this was his first attempt at it, needless to say I didn't eat any of it...
I kept "L" entertained, and she just felt like smiling these big cheesy grins. I LOVED it! In fact I printed this picture and it hangs on my locker at work.
When it comes to parenting, we really are suckers. We'll do just about anything to make our kids laugh or smile.
...even let them wear trash cans on their heads (well Kimberly won't, but I will, and I was in charge this day). Kenny thought his "hat" was the coolest thing. He tried eating with it on, played with his toys, rode his rocking horse, he did not want to take it off for anything.
We also had a family reunion in Utah. I have so many pictures from that event, but there is no way to summarize the event in less than 26 pictures, which would have made this a huge post, which I promised I wouldn't do. I'm going to try and whittle the picture load down and maybe give a synopsis of it later.

I am back in school, and we are house hunting in the Hewitt/Woodway area, in fact we found a couple of houses that we really like and will probably put a bid down shortly. So those of you in the Waco area pray that we get a house so we can stay, and those that live else where you can pray that we don't get the house, but we would really appreciate it if you prayed that we did.

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