Friday, August 7, 2009

My dad and me

This was my day with my dad. Mom went to work, so we had the WHOOOOOOOOOOOLE day together.
I sat in the dirt and played with rocks...
I was told to stop eating them, I'm not sure why, so I made him stick his finger in my mouth and try to scrape them out.
I look up to my dad, he's a pretty smart guy.
I thought I'd go check out the girls at the pool next.
Dad had something to say about that though, and he told me not to repeat it for some reason.
Next, we played ball.
We were playing outside for a long time, nobody goes home until I say it's time to go.
I was so tired... I normally take 2 naps, but today I took 3, and one of them was for 2 hours (that one felt good).

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