Friday, August 17, 2012

August How Hot Thou Art

Oh August! We are just barely half way finished, you rear your ugly head, and spew hot moist breath from your insufferable lungs. I will not be discouraged though! Despite your efforts to cage me inside my wonderfully air conditioned home, I am determined to have fun!
Rachel Tucker was in a melodrama, "The Wrong Side of the Law." She had a marvelous performance, which we were privileged to see, and participate in. Thank you Rachel for allowing us to attend such a wonderful event! Scott you are a lucky man!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Visiting Grandma

On a whim we decided to make a trip to visit with Grandma Heck (GG) in Utah. I have a great friend who was willing to swap some days with me at work in order to make this happen, and I will forever be grateful. 

Our first stop was in Riverton to visit with Luke and Kristy, or as the kids refer to it as "Emma's house." Almost the whole way they kept asking, "Are we going to see Emma?" It was fun, we celebrated Kenny's birthday a little early, had an imaginary egg hunt, and allowed Luke to grill some fish for us (thanks buddy, it was delicious).

Then we headed off to GG's! It was such a wonderful visit, and we are so glad we made the trek. At the retirement center Kenny officially turned 4, and let all the residents there know it. He'd walk around with four fingers showing and announce, "I am four!"

David and Heidi came by, as well as Janelle and Kay, and we had ourselves a great little family reunion. The reunion was complete with:



Reading time:

and Hide and Seek:

All-in-all one of our best vacations. 

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