Thursday, May 13, 2010

For Those Requesting More Pictures

Babies this small, in my opinion, don't do very much. Kim changes her clothes all the time, and that means we need to take more  pictures apparently. As a result of wardrobe changes, but still not doing anything very cool, here are a few more pictures.
I can almost hear the "Awwwww...."

Kenny now interacts with Eliana much more than in the very beginning. Every time he sees her he crawls up and gives her a kiss on the head, and then announces, "Good boy!"

The baby does this pretty much all day long with intermittent smiles during sleep. So I hope this sates the appetite of those of you who have called requesting more pictures.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome Home Eliana!

     So that baby finally ended up with a name. After much deliberation, and the best of 7 paper-rock-scissors, we decided upon Eliana Heck.
     There is much more of a fuss taking home a baby girl than a baby boy apparently. The outfit was previously decided upon, but the bow was a whole different thing all together. We tried on 3 different bows, five or six times.

Bow #1
Bow #2
Bow # 3
The winner was bow #1, and accompanying outfit.
Kimberly told me that every baby needed to have a "Going Home" outfit, and the "traditional" baby in the car-seat picture, but when I tried to find these pictures for Kenny, I couldn't find anything...
Kenny really wasn't sure how to take it all in. He mulled it over a strawberry,
...and then a pickle...
...and then eventually settled on ignoring her for the most part and played on the computer instead.
The house is busy, with parents who have come to help us out, and curious uncles wanting to lend a hand. Kimberly is getting rest when she can, and Eliana poops, cries, sleeps, and eats. We're excited to have this new member of our family, and anxiously await all the new and fun adventures the Heck family is in for. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your phone calls, thank you for the support, and a special thanks to the Stirland family for helping us out at 1:30am, we really owe you for that.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's a GIRL!

We have a girl! Not sure what her name is yet... but we have one! Mom and baby girl Heck are doing very well. 6lbs 19 inches, born at 0539 this morning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

False Alarm

We had a false alarm last week. Kimberly was having contractions about every 7-10 minutes, so we called in the Grandparents to have them be with Kenny in the event we needed to run off to the hospital. Well, that night when we went to bed, the contractions stopped all together. Ever since there have been no signs of impending birth, other than the belly my wife is sporting. With Grandma and Papa down though, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take some pictures, which were much over due.

In my opinion 18mo to 3.8 years old is my favorite age to take pictures of children. We had such a fun time, even though it was spring, and some of us could not stop sneezing and rubbing our eyes.

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